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Cyber Security Expert

I have 25+ research papers and 2 patents published till now. An avid tech enthusiast with acknowledged interests in Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence with a profound experience of 15 years into research and projects, I proved the professional and educational skill sets to be the best. I would like to apply my versatile knowledge in the corporate world.

I code and create web elements for amazing people around the world. I like work with new people. New people new Experiences.


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My Resume

Education & Experience

Senior Test Engineer

at Xperate (Cyber Security, VAPT)

Feb 2023 – Present · 4 mos

Security Researcher

Intigriti · Part-time

Nov 2022 – Present · 7 mos

Assistant professor

MIT World Peace University

Jun 2018 – Feb 2023 · 4 yrs 9 mos

Assistant Professor

Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Kothrud, Pune

Jan 2007 – Jun 2018 · 11 yrs 6 mos


Softech Engineers Private Limited

Jan 2004 – Dec 2006 · 3 yrs


Shri Venkateshwara University, Gajraula, Uttar Pradesh, India. (2019-2023)

8.02 CGPA


Savitribai Phule Pune University, (2010-2012)

7.02 CGPA

BE Computer Engineering

Savitribai Phule Pune University, (2000-2005)

6.1 CGPA

Diploma in Computer

MSBTE, (1998-2000)

7.1 CGPA

12th, HSC

Maharashtra Board, 1997-1998


10th SSC

Maharashtra Board, (1995-1996)


Kali Linux
Wireless Penetration Testing - WPA
Network IDS and packet
Burp Suite
Wireshark, SQL-map, Nessus


Big achievements

PhD - Submitted

Hackathon winner 2021

Patent Indian

Patent Australian

25+ research papers published in renauld journals

Certified Ethical Hacker - 2022

Won award for good team management for last 6 years

Shifted to industry from academics

Learned new skills as VAPT, SOC, etc

Interested in working with me?


Projects Handled

This is an event management project in which I am looking after security. Network security, cloud security and web application security along with information security. The project is at a very preliminary stage and I am the only Cyber security expert so had to solve all issues related to the same
This project was related to human to human distance in the covid times, we won the competition and also patented the work. I was working on a similar model before the covid times so I and some of my students participated and learned different things: business model preparation, pitching an idea, budgeting a hardware project and algorithm preparation. I also learned how a idea is patented.
This project was again with some group of cooders which was related to HR ,anagment, it was a chat bot. Coders coded and checked the cyber security and made it cyber safe after providing certain important mitigations

This project is a hardware device which checks the quality of the food as nutrition and vitamins. It is a research project. Application security was easy but the device and IOT device security was a challenge which I tried to solve.

  • The proposed solution aims to detect social distancing in a particular area. The process starts with video footage captured by the camera or the CCTV facing the area. This video is then passed to the pre-processing unit where the video is divided into frames.
  • This project was related to human-to-human distance in the covid times, we won the competition and also patented the work. I was working on a similar model before the covid times so I and some of my students participated and learned different things: business model preparation, pitching an idea, budgeting a hardware project and algorithm preparation. I also learned how an idea is patented.

Key Responsibilities: We developed an E-Learning project in which I was responsible for automating engineering problems with the help of a SME and graphic designers. We developed learning material, quiz, tests etc. needed for learning different engineering subjects.



An AI Federated System for Anomalies Detection in Videos using Convolution Neural Network Mechanism

A Cross Platform Mobile Expert System for Agriculture Task Scheduling

A Novel Hybrid AI Federated ML/DL Models for Classification of Soil Components

A Survey Paper on Malware Detection methods

A Survey and Analysis of Crowd Anomaly Detection Techniques


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People What Are Saying

Had the opportunity to work with Sajeeda Ma’am on a few research projects and I have witnessed her exceptional teaching, mentorship, and research skills firsthand. She fostered a collaborative and inclusive environment in which everyone's contributions were valued and respected. I wholeheartedly recommend Sajeeda Ma’am for any position or opportunity in the field of cybersecurity. Her expertise, leadership skills, and commitment to excellence make her an invaluable asset to any team.

Tanishq Borse Graduate student at RIT | Cyber Security | CEHv11

I have known Sajeeda mam for many years now. From the beginning she impressed everyone with her ease of working culture which was professional, informative but friendly. This approach not only concluded in productive environment but also encouraged others to achieve high level of performance. She has expertise in artificial intelligence which is the future. Currently she is applying her knowledge in cyber security. AI in cyber security is the goal of future generation. Sajeeda mam is highly knowledgable person with work ethics. That makes her valuable contributor and asset. Team working, mentoring and hard work are core part of strength. Quick learning and keeping up to date with current market is additional strength. I would highly recommend Sajeeda mam who can make real contribution and difference.

Vaibhav Avhad IT and Systems Security Manager at Investis Digital

I worked with Sajeeda Shikalgar in Admission team for more than 6 years where i seen excellent perfomance for handling the huge databases, team of diversified experts. She is having excellent leadership qualities at the same time she is humble for every one. I wish her all the best for her future endevours.

Dr Dinesh Bhutada Associate Professor at Dr. Vishwanath Karad MIT WORLD PEACE UNIVERSITY

I know Sajeeda for many years now as a friend, as a professional. She is a strong lady with clear intentions and amazing administrative skills. She is also a techie and appreciate her decision of entering the corporate world. She is a popular and favorite teacher for the students. I wish her all the success she deserves in her professional life!!!! All the best 'to be Doctor'!!!!!

Bhakti Paranjape Assistant Professor at MITWPU, Pune

I met Sajeeda on linkedin, she needed some study material and path way. It's wonderful to hear that she's pursuing a new career and displaying a strong commitment to learning. It's never too late to change careers or acquire new skills, and it's inspiring to see individuals who are motivated to continue learning throughout their lives. Wishing Sajeeda all the best in her career journey and academic pursuits!

Vaibhav Sanwa Associate Security Consultant (VAPT)

Sajeeda Ma'am has been a phenomenal teacher. She not only understands the subjects well but is also exceptionally good at teaching them. Her classes have always been some of the most interactive ones we've had on campus.

Sagar Ladhwani Senior Data Analyst | PayPal | Ex Mu-sigman

Sajeeda is an individual of great intelligence, astuteness, and interpersonal skills. I am well-acquainted with her journey and have witnessed her unwavering dedication and drive in achieving her goals. She is never hesitant to learn from others, and her remarkable passion for cyber security is truly inspiring. I have had the privilege of teaching her some fundamentals and have been impressed by how quickly she grasps concepts. I wholeheartedly wish her the very best and hope for her success in all her future endeavours. I am grateful to have a friend like her!

Amol Rangari Cyber Security Specialist

Sajeeda Mam is a lifelong learner who has a passion for exploring new technologies. I have observed her in her roles as a Professor and researcher, and I can see that she is highly skilled and efficient in managing her responsibilities. I admire her decision to transition from academia to the corporate world, as it is not an easy feat. I wish her all the best in her new endeavors, and I am genuinely happy for her!

Amar Kalvikatte,MBA Director - Microsoft Azure Solution Architecture (Pre-Sales)

Sajeeda is a great person, very knowledgeable in cybersecurity and always stays up to date with the latest threats and trends. She is skilled at conducting vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to identify and address security gaps. She is an effective communicator and collaborator, which helps ensure that everyone on the team is aware of security concerns and best practices. I'm grateful to have such a dedicated and capable cybersecurity professional as a colleague.

Mayuri Hudedmani Student at Sharad Institute of Technology College

During my career, I’ve rarely come across real professionals like Sajeeda ma'am. Someone whom I will always remember fondly. I had the opportunity of working with her on several projects at MIT. She made a huge increase in the productivity level all across the team. She definitely earns my highest recommendation not just as a thoughtful leader but as a team player as well. She never loses her cool which is one of the reasons she stands out as the best mentor ever!

Deepika Patil Head of Operations

Sajeeda ma'am was a wonderful teacher when I was in MIT, perusing my engineering course. She had a unique knack of explaining a difficult concept, as well as a very important ability to create a strong bond of relationship with the students. This stayed with her even after I passed out and while she was handling the alumni relations. Now, whenever I visit MIT or need any information related, she is my go to person. I've not seen a more frank and friendly, yet very knowledgeable and disciplined teacher in my technical education.

Rajat Joshi Founder at EmergeFlow Technologies

Sajeeda Ma'am is an excellent mentor and guide. I have worked under her in various projects. She has always showed keen technical knowledge and explained complexities with ease. She is also a natural leader and a strategic team player who understands every team member's strength and weakness.

Kushagra Suryawanshi Pursuing Bachelor's in Computer Science

Dedicated is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Sajeeda. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Sajeeda for 3 years, during which we worked as Assistant Professor of School of Computer Engineering & Technology at MIT World Peace University, we taught common subjects like Data Structures, I managed her as portfolio leader for Internships. Above all, I was impressed with Sajeeda’s ability to Organize & Manage Teams. And, of course, her friendly nature. Sajeeda would be a true asset for any positions requiring Problem solving, Interpersonal skills and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

Avadhoot Joshi CVP Lead @ Tata Technologies Ltd.

Sajeeda is extremely motivated and dedicated towards her profile and believes in updating herself from time to time. Excellent mentor and adds to the productivity of her colleagues.

Shrutkirti Fadnavis Psychological Counseling at Maharashtra Institute


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